An Example Banner

As I promised earlier, I am posting this update on the progress of the theme development for the site. I have finished a part of the banner for one of my themes. A lot of research on trees and rocks helped to get these to look the way I wanted. All of the content in the banner was hand drawn inside of Photoshop. Banner banner

I am playing with the placement and overall composition of the final banner for one of my themes. When I am done with that, I plan to do another post another post and show what I have created. Until then I, I have put this as the main banner for my site. The upside is that my logo will also be visible to all of those that come and visit.

In addition to the banner, I created a lantern using both Photoshop and Illustrator. This is one of the elements that I am playing with for one of the finished themes. Again, much research and time went into the design of the lantern. I also studied how Mandarin characters are written, and applied that to a stylized version of my logo.

A drawn paper lantern with the 'z' on it
Zenbaida Lantern