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Laying Track

It is time to start laying track. Through my research and having laid the track on the module, I learned that this is one of the most important steps in building anything in model railroading. Take your time. Bad or uneven track will quickly ruin the fun in running trains.

One thing to note, I saved all ties that I removed from any track. I plan to use this to fill any gaps after the track is laid.

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The Birth Of My Test Module

So, here I have this new room that I am going to build a model railroad in. I don’t have a plan drawn yet, as I am in the process of doing research. I also have a bunch of equipment of various vintage sitting in a box that will eventually need to be tested to see if they are worthy of being on the future railroad. So what to do in the meantime until I can start building the full size model railroad? Build a test module of course! Continue reading The Birth Of My Test Module