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A Responsive Design Experiment

I have been playing around lately with responsive web design. My department is in the process of redesigning our site. To help everybody visualize what the site will look like and to help me with figuring out the css, I have been building a prototype out of just HTML5 and CSS3. The CSS generated by SASS. Scripting to run menus and other features will be added later.  You must have a recent browser for it to work right, and since it is a prototype, I am not in any hurry to make it compatible with older browsers.

Take a look. (server taken off line.)

e-Learning Center Media Player

What started it was the need to add captioned video. The original version had the ability to show transcripts, but it was limited to a long string of text. Since the original was built two wonder events happened; the updated release of Captionate, and Flash’s FLVPlaybackCaptioned component. This new version of Captionate allows for the easy creation of the timed XML file that FLVPlaybackCapioned needs to work properly. Voilà! Easy caption creation.

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An Example Banner

As I promised earlier, I am posting this update on the progress of the theme development for the site. I have finished a part of the banner for one of my themes. A lot of research on trees and rocks helped to get these to look the way I wanted. All of the content in the banner was hand drawn inside of Photoshop. Banner banner

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HTML 5 Player Goodness

Times are a changin’ and my department knew that we needed something more than the  Flash based players we had been using for quite some time. One of the bigger forces that drove us to need an HTML 5 player was the rise in ‘iDevices’, such as the iPhone and iPad by Apple. The charge was given to me to create a player that would work nice with the existing infrastructure and able to deliver media in both video and audio formats.

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