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The Embedded Page Pull Apart

As a college, my employer has to put up ready made gainful employment ‘templates’ that they receive from the Department of Education for our certificate offerings. These ‘templates’, really an all-in-one web page, come with all of the CSS, Javascript, and HTML all smashed together in one file. The problem with these is that they where designed to be used on sites that serve regular static pages. The site that I manage uses a CMS. What to do? The answer is simple, pull it all apart. Continue reading The Embedded Page Pull Apart

A Responsive Design Experiment

I have been playing around lately with responsive web design. My department is in the process of redesigning our site. To help everybody visualize what the site will look like and to help me with figuring out the css, I have been building a prototype out of just HTML5 and CSS3. The CSS generated by SASS. Scripting to run menus and other features will be added later.  You must have a recent browser for it to work right, and since it is a prototype, I am not in any hurry to make it compatible with older browsers.

Take a look. (server taken off line.)