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Handy Joomla ACL Tool

If anybody has a large Joomla 3.x site, and is wanting an easy way to manage it’s access control lists, I recommend the ACL Manager by Sander Potjer. It makes it easy to figure out which group or user has access to any resource, including those on the administrator side of the site. Go check it out!

Site: https://www.aclmanager.net
Joomla Extensions Directory: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/access-a-security/site-access/acl-manager

(I am not affiliated with either Sander Potjer, or Open Source Maters, the people that maintain Joomla)

The Embedded Page Pull Apart

As a college, my employer has to put up ready made gainful employment ‘templates’ that they receive from the Department of Education for our certificate offerings. These ‘templates’, really an all-in-one web page, come with all of the CSS, Javascript, and HTML all smashed together in one file. The problem with these is that they where designed to be used on sites that serve regular static pages. The site that I manage uses a CMS. What to do? The answer is simple, pull it all apart. Continue reading The Embedded Page Pull Apart

Joomla Global Permissions Database Location

OK, I’ll admit that this one threw me for a loop at first. I was in the process of upgrading the ldsbc.edu site from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.x. To help with the process, I was using a tool called SP Transfer to migrate the data to a new database.  The issue I was running into was that the global permissions didn’t seem to be migrating over. With the development site, I went through and manually updated the permissions of over 55 groups via the back-end user interface while having the old permissions settings open in another browser.  There had to be a better way. Continue reading Joomla Global Permissions Database Location